P.O. Box 3 Mather, PA 15346
Phone: 724-883-2150
Fax:  724-883-3044
The Jefferson Morgan Regional Council of Governments was created in 2004.  The council of governments consists of Jefferson Township, Morgan Township, Jefferson Borough, Clarksville Borough and Rices Landing Borough.  The council was created to allow the municipalities to purchase equipment and materials at a lower cost as well as pull their resources in times of need.
The council of governments meets on the 4rd Tuesday of the month at 10:00 am  This meeting takes place at the Morgan Township Municipal Office Building located at 1019 Third St Ext, Mather, PA 15346
The council is governed as follows:

President:  Shirl Barnhart
Vice President:   Patricia Ginsburg
Secretary Treasurer: 
Relda K. Litten
Designated Delegates from the represented municipalities are:

Jefferson Township: 
Richard Tekavac
Morgan Township: 
Shirl Barnhart
Jefferson Borough:  Jeffrey Coneybeer
Rices Landing Borough:  Patricia Ginsburg
Clarksville Borough: 
Jason Dikun
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Effective August 12, 2008 the Jefferson Morgan Regional Council of Governments has enacted a new Multi-Municipal zoning ordinance.  The ordinance covers Jefferson Township, Jefferson Borough, Morgan Township, and Clarksville Borough.  Rices Landing Borough has it's own ordinance. 
Effective 1/01/13 new updates to the zoning ordinance have been enacted.  Please review the new schedule for details.

Please click the above link to review or download the ordinance.  You will need Adobe Acrobat reader to view the file.  If you don't have it you can download it free at Adobe.